father' s farm afte r his deat h in August , 1941. Beside s
farming , Clayton and his wife , Alma, are custodian s at
the Adams Publi c School .
Ole, the second son of Jen s and Gjertru , was born
nea r Larimor e Jan . 15, 1882. He remaine d on the farm
until his marriag e to August a Krause . Severa l year s
befor e he was married , the smal l frame hous e on the
Bjorg homestea d was moved on Ole's land. This was
done with horses . The othe r building s on his farm wer e
built there .
Ole was active in communit y activities . He held
severa l office s such as being directo r of the townshi p
board and also the elevato r board . Ole died in 1935.
Soneva , or Susie , was bom nea r Larimor e on Aug. 23,
1884. The greate r par t of her Ufe was spen t at the Bjor g
home. She was employe d at the Morriso n McKay
Genera l Store in Adams for some time. She spen t four
year s in Washington , coming back to Adams in 1915.
Susie had one son, Silas Everett , bom May 15, 1911.
He marrie d Alida Olson Samuelso n Dec. 14, 1951. She had
thre e boys by a previou s marriage , Loren , Ronal d and
Allen. There are seven grandchUdren . Silas died in 1974.
Susie died Dec. 9, 1947.
Brita was the firs t child born to them in Adams
Townshi p Sept . 8, 1886. Her entir e life was spen t at the
farm home. She died Dec. 4,1915, at 29.
Thomas was born Nov. 7,1888. His life was spen t on
the farm. He died Sept . 25,1906, at 17.
Jen s was born AprU 22, 1891. He spen t his entir e Ufe
at the farm home. After his father' s death , he took over
the managemen t of the farm . Jen s was active in com–
munity affairs . He held severa l offices . He was clerk of
the schoo l distric t for 33 years , clerk of the Adams
Townshi p board for 30 years , secretar y of the Mountai n
Luthera n Churc h severa l year s and directo r of the
Farmers ' Elevato r Board .
Jen s died Marc h 23, 1958.
Caroline Bjorg
Caroline , or Carrie , was born Jul y 5, 1893. She
married Ole Drevdah l in 1931. They mad e their hom e in
Seattle, Wash . She died Jun e 30, 1946. Ole died a few
year s later .
Arne was bom Marc h 2, 1896. He attende d NDSU,
Fargo, during the winte r months , otherwis e his Ufe was
spen t on the farm excep t for his time in servic e during
World War I. He died April 7, 1929.
Syver t was born Jun e 30, 1898. He marrie d Gret a
Jacobson , Osnabrock , Oct. 19,1930. They farmed north of
the hom e farm . Here they buUt all new buUding s prior to
their marriage . Two girls wer e bom, Janyc e and Arnola.
There are six grandchildren .
Syver t was active in communit y affairs . He was a
membe r of the school board for 30 year s and served on
the board of trustee s of the Mountai n Luthera n Church ,
Adams. Syver t died Jun e 25,1955. Gret a died in 1974.
Henry , the younges t membe r of the famUy of Jen s
and Gjertru , was born March 12,1900. He marrie d LilUan
Olson at Adams Oct. 18, 1933. They lived on a farm in
Vesta Township . Prio r to thei r marriage , al l new
building s wer e built on his farm , now owned and
operate d by their oldest son, Jan.
Three boys wer e bom, Jan, JerroU and Jon. There
are seven grandchildren .
Henry was active in communit y affairs . He served
on the Mountai n Luthera n Churc h Boar d and was
presiden t of the Adams Farmer' s Elevato r Boar d at the
time of his death . Henry was intereste d in 4-H work and
encourage d his boys to tak e an active part .
Henry died Marc h 1, 1953, whUe attendin g a Luthe r
League servic e at the Mountai n Luthera n Church ,
Adams. LUlian reside s in Grafton .
Mr. and Mrs. Knute Boe
Knute R. Boe was born in Maandalen , Norway , Feb.
8, 1869. He receive d his educatio n in Maandalen , was
confirme d in Void. Later , he learned the shoemakin g
trade .
He entere d the mUitar y service for one year befor e
leaving for America in 1893. He arrive d in West Superior ,
Wise, worked in a sawmUl until the fall, when he arrive d
in Grafton .
He worked in tha t are a for severa l months , the n
resided in the Hoople district , later in Dewey Townshi p
until 1898 when he moved to Adams and filed on a quarte r
of land Jun e 14,1898. This becam e his home.
In 1904 he marrie d Ida Qually . Four childre n wer e
born: Ralph, who marrie d Myrtle Foyen and are parent s
of thre e children , Marilyn, Keith, and Donald . Mina
married Ander Marifjeren , had one son, Larry . Palme r
married Leona Norby and had thre e children , Leah Rae,
Nancy, and Paul. Borghild marrie d Edwin Swensru d and
had one daughter , Sharon .
Knute took his shar e of work in many activitie s in the
township , schools , church , and was directo r in the
Farmers ' Elevato r Co. for many years . He served in the
legislatur e as a representativ e from the third distric t
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