Rebeka h Lodge . John Kohne n serve d on the schoo l
board for many years . He was a membe r in 1922 when
the presen t schoo l was built .
After the deat h of her husband , Taral d Halvorse n
Sagstue n Koppang , at Koppang , Norwa y Kare n
accompanie d by her younge r son , Torvald , followe d
her fou r othe r childre n to Americ a and took residenc e
at Par k River, wher e her daughters , Perhell a (Mrs. Uie
Thorson ) and Hann a (Mrs. Pede r Ostboe ) had settled .
Mrs. Koppan g was abou t 70 at tha t time , but filed on
a claim adjoinin g tha t of her son Peder .
In orde r to satisf y the residenc e requirement s a
hous e was buil t directl y on the line betwee n the two
quarters . Kare n occupie d the sout h half and Pede r and
his famil y the nort h half . Afte r provin g up the claim
and gettin g titl e to the land the mothe r spen t much ol
her time in Par k River wit h her othe r chddre n
Eventuall y Pede r purchase d his mother' s quarte r and
she bud t a home of her own in Par k River. She died in
1916 at 88.
Christia n Lahd was born April 6, 1895, the son of
John and Marth a Marifjern Lahd. He remaine d on the
homestea d and continue d farmin g wit h his father .
In 1916 Christia n marrie d Gunell e Odegard ,
daughte r of Ole Odegar d of Telemark , Norway , who
was workin g for his father . They had seven chddren ;
Thelma , Vernon , Naomi , Mabel, Charles , Dori s and
Rhoda . He lived ther e til his deat h in 1945 . The
! mothe r and childre n lef t the farm . Theywere member s
of the Par k Cente r Luthera n Church .
Mr. and Mrs. John Lahd and family
John Marifjern Lahd cam e to Americ a from Sogn ,
Norway in 1864, at the close of the CivU War . He
locate d at Kenyon , Minn., wher e he met and marrie d
Marth a HUlstad, also of Sogn , Norway . He farme d at
Kenyon for a few years , then cam e to Par k River
wher e he took a homestea d in 1879, five mile s nort h
and farme d for 45 years .
They had a famil y of 11 chddren ; Mary, Joh n
Peter , Christina , George , Christian , Martin, Caroline ,
Josep h and two died when small . John Marifjer n
change d his nam e to Lahd afte r comin g to Par k River,
as his mail was constantl y gettin g mixe d up wit h the
othe r Marifjern s in the area , who were his cousins .
They wer e member s of the Par k Cente r Luthera n
Church .
Samuel and Jane Landsborough
Front row, left to right: Wm. H. Landsborough, Robert
Landsborough, Samuel Landsborough, and James D.
Samue l and Jan e wer e of Scotc h and Englis h
descent . They migrate d to Seaforth , Ont .
They had 4 sons ; Robert , Jame s D. , Samuel , and
William Harvey , and 5 daughters ; Maggi e Lands –
boroug h Davis , Isobel l Landsboroug h Lewis, Jan e
Landsboroug h Cudmore , Lydia Landsboroug h Burger ,
and Elizza Landsboroug h Ingram . Jame s D . and
William H., wer e activ e in the Presbyteria n Churc h in
Par k River.
John Rober t Landsboroug h was a minister . He and
Jame s D. move d to the Portland , Orego n area . Thre e
othe r chddre n died in 1864 of Diptheria . Samue l and
Jan e cam e to Par k River in 1892.
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