Lars Omdahl was bom May 18, 1891, at Shelly, Minn., to
Andrew and Ingeborg (Eie) Omdahl, borh from Norway. He had
six half brothers and one half sister — Ellen (Kolstrand) Oberson,
Diedrick (Dick), Andrew, and Pete Kolstrand, Sam (Kolstrand)
Anderson, and Olouse and Ole Omdahl. When the Omdahl
family moved to America the older children took the name of the
community (Kolstrand) they came from in Norway. Lars' two
sisters were Louise (Omdahl) Knutson and Gina (Omdahl) Cote.
Lars married Hannah Neilson, daughter of Lars and Grethe
Neilson and granddaughter of Christian and Inger Neilson and
Hans and Maren Lund, on Jan. 3, 1918, in Warren, Minn.
Mr. and Mrs. Lars Omdahl on their wedding day in 1918.
Lars worked as section laborer for the Soo Line Railroad in
Radium, Minn., from 1908 to 1918. He came to Conway, N.
Dak., in 1918 and was section foreman for the Soo Line in
Conway until he retired in 1958.
Lars Omdahl died in March, 1964. He is buried in the
Conway cemetery.
Lars and Hannah were the parents of 13 children — Harris,
Glenn, Frances, Douglas, Grace, Dean, Donald, Lloyd,
Lawrence, Doris and David. Two children died at birth and they,
too, are buried in the Conway cemetery.
Harris was born May 3 1 , 1919, and married Margaret
Foerster, daughter of Peter and Alice Foerster, on Aug. 12,
1941. Harris served in the army from Sept., 1942 to Oct.,
1945; two and one-half years of that time he was in the South
Pacific. After his discharge he farmed for 25 years and after that
he worked on construction until he retired in 1979. Harris and
Margaret were parents of five children. Lawrence died at birth.
Hope (Mrs. Gary Magno), Akron, Ohio, was married to Robert
Kelm and they had three children, Todd, Jeanne and Sandy
Kelm. Elwood resides in Grand Forks and Harlan and Robert are
at home in Conway.
Glenn was born June 20, 1921. He married Marie
Runnestrand of Fordville on Oct. 10, 1941. Glenn was in the
CCC camp at Larimore and also served in the Army, in the South
Pacific, during World War II. At present he owns and operates the
"Wagoneer Restaurant" in Seaside, Ore. Glenn and Marie had
three children. Priscilla (Mrs. Howard Berry), Columbia, South
America, has five children, Rendy, Renae, Rochelle, RayAnn and
Rebecca. Cynthia (Mrs. Chuck Mamon), Seattle, Wash., has one
son, Darryn Brian, is at home in Seattle, with his mother.
Frances was born Oct. 8, 1923, and went to Seattle in 1944
and worked at Safeway Stores until going to work at Boeing's in
Seattle where she works at the present time as a computer
Douglas was born Aug. 2, 1924. He married Audrey Uslet-
ton, daughter of Carl and Lillie Usletton of Brookings, S. Dak.
Douglas served in the Army from July, 1943, to Nov., 1945, in
Italy, Sicily and South Africa. At present Douglas is foreman for
the Soo Line Railroad in Fordville, N. Dak., and lives in Conway.
He has worked as a laborer on various railroad gangs and as
assistant roadmaster in Thief River Falls and Glenwood, Minn.
Douglas and Audrey have five children. Ron is married to Jeanine
Stevens; Dougie married Cheryl Westfall and they have two sons,
Jason and Eric; Randy married Okay Pyon and has two sons also,
Jim and Aaron. All three sons live in Grand Forks. Kay (Mrs.
Kevin Papenfuss), Park River, N. Dak., and Mark lives at home.
Grace was born Feb. 8, 1926, and married Rudy Eisner in
Grand Forks on Apr. 1, 1945. Grace and Rudy had two
daughters, Carolyn (Mrs. Charles Iverson) who married Jim
Devine and has three children, Pat, Pam and Paula; and Diana
(Mrs. Tim Doerkson) who has twin sons, Jason and Jeremy.
Rudy died in 1969, and Grace lives in Conway.
Dean was born Mar. 11, 1928. He married Mary Sisson,
daughter of Louis and Wilma Sisson, on Oct. 24, 1953. He
served in the Navy from 1945 to 1947. At present Dean owns
and operates the Daisy Elevator in Daisy, N. Dak., where he lives.
Dean and Mary have five sons; Neil is married to Kaye Haugen;
Jay is married to Laurie Kunze, and Joel, Brett and Jamie are at
Donald was born Mar. 11 , 1928 also. He married Jean
Holwerda, daughter of Jach and Emma Holwerda, on Aug. 29,
1949. Donald served in the Army from Mar. 1946 to Oct. 1947
in the South Pacific. He worked for the Soo Line and also
operated the Village Inn Cafe at different times. At present
Donald and Jean are site managers for the Senior Citizens
Nutrition Program in Fordville where he lives. They are parents
of six children — Chad in Hatton, N. Dak.; Larry, who is married
to Ann Trenda and has two daughters, Amy and Nicole; Faye, in
Hannaford, N. Dak.; Daphne (Mrs. Rod Fallis) in Brisbane,
Australia; Darlene in Mayville; and Sheri is at home.
Lloyd was born Jan. 5, 1931, and married Ruth Jones,
daughter of Troy and Evangeline Jones, on Sept. 5, 1953, in
Warren, Minn. Lloyd attended the UND, Grand Forks, and got
his Master's Degree in political science in 1962. He served as
North Dakota Tax Commissioner in 1963, and joined the faculty
of UND in 1967 where he teaches political science. Lloyd and
This picture of the Lars Omdahl family was taken in 19b1.
Left to right, front row, Doris, Douglas, Lars, Hannah, David,
and Frances; back row, Grace, Lloyd, Donald, Glenn, Dean,
Lawrence and Harris.
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