with her parents. She attended grade school at Chase; Central
School for Junior High; and attended Grafton High School for
two years. In 1919 she married Walter E. Schneider after he
returned from the service in World War I. They had one
daughter, Marjorie, who was born Feb. 5, 1922. Walter was
popularly known by the name of 'Dutch' Schneider. He worked
in the bakery in Grafton which was owned by Lu Deidrich. It was
located in the five hundred block on the west side of Hill Avenue.
The next step for 'Addie' and Dutch was to buy the Turgeon
store. This was a confectionary store, located on Fifth Street
about a block east of Hill Avenue, next to the Northern Pacific
tracks. Adeline's sister, Nellie, worked there during her school
days. After several years of operating the store, the Schneiders
sold it and built a new home on Summit Avenue. Adeline was
employed as a clerk in the ready-to-wear department at Reyleck's
Department Store and later was employed at the Fashion
Shoppe. Walter (Dutch) Schneider died in 1955. In 1958
Adeline married J. Samuel Nelson, owner and manager of
Nelson's Drug Store, the successor to Haussaman's Drug Store,
one of the oldest firms in Grafton. Sam Nelson died in 1967.
Adeline was a member of Past Matrons of the Mizpah Order of
Eastern Star; she was a member of the V.F.W. Auxiliary and the
American Legion Auxiliary. Adeline died in 1975. She was
survived by her daughter, Marjorie, (Mrs. Gordon Torblaa of
Tucson, Ariz.; a sister, Mrs. Nellie Freedland of Grafton; and five
grandchildren. Because of failing health, Adeline was living with
her daughter in Tucson when she died Mar. 6, 1975.
Eleanor Irvin Brintnell (always known as Nellie) was born
Nov. 24, 1902, in Walshville Township. She moved to Grafton
with her parents at the age of two years and attended grade
school in Chase School which was only a block from her home.
But when she attended Central School and Grafton High School,
she walked six and seven blocks. She always appreciated walking
on the south side of the old Opera House in winter because it
broke the cold wind from the north. She graduated from Grafton
High School with the class of 1920 and was employed at the
Northwestern Bell Telephone Company as an operator for three
years. That was in the day when the country lines each had a
number and a letter followed by numbers indicating the numer of
rings on the party lines.
Nellie Brintnell married Oscar Freedland in 1923. Oscar was
employed at the Grafton State School as an attendant. In 1925
Nellie changed from the telephone company to the State School
where she worked for forty-seven years. She started as a hall girl
and the last position she held was matron. Oscar and Nellie had
one son, Gerald, who was born Jan. 7, 1924. He graduated from
Grafton High School in 1943 and, in answer to his country's call,
joined the United States Navy. He signed up for an aviation
machinist. He was assigned to the Franklin Roosevelt Aircraft
Carrier. He was on the maiden cruise when peace was declared.
Gerald was interested in photography. After his discharge from
the Navy, he went to photography school in Portland, Ore. Upon
completing his course there, he signed up for camera repair at
New Haven, Conn. He returned to Grafton and practiced
photography. Later there was an opening for a manual training
teacher at the Grafton State School which Gerald filled for the
next several years. He married Shirley Nelson in 1958. Gerald
Freedland passed away on his birthday, Jan. 7, 1960, after being
stricken with a short but fatal illness. Oscar Freedland had several
positions at the Grafton State School, such as fireman in the
engine room, and plumber. Like his son Gerald, Oscar passed
away after a short illness on May 12, 1963.
James Alexander Brintnell, the second son of John and
Eleanor Brintnell, was born Mar. 13, 1916, in Grafton. He
received his education in the Chase and Central Schools and
Grafton High School where he graduated with the class of 1934.
For the next sixteen years he worked for the Robertson Lumber
Company. From 1934 to 1940 he was yardman in Grafton;
1941 -1 942, he was assistant manager at Minot; 1943-1946 he
was manager at Stephen, Minn.; 1947-1950 he was manager at
Warren, Minn. For the next ten years he was self-employed in a
business in Grafton. From 1960-1966, he worked at the Grafton
State School, but retired because of illness. He passed away in a
rest home in Langdon, N. Dak., on Nov. 18, 1979. James
married Agnes Bergquam, Sept. 1, 1940, in Grafton. They had
four children — James A., Jr., Grafton; Robert John, Minot;
Kathleen Ann, Little Falls, Minn.; and Marilyn Buchholtz, St.
Thomas, N. Dak. Agnes Brintnell passed away Oct. 9, 1976.
James Brintnell was a very active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars
Organization because of his service in the Korean Conflict. He
was stationed in Seoul, Korea, in the Quartermasters Corps
during 1 943 and 1944. He was married and had three children
at the time. He is credited with being the founder of Post 9367 of
the VFWin Grafton. In 1953-54 he was 8th District Commander
of the North Dakota VFW; in 1954-55, he was Junior Vice
Commander of North Dakota VFW; in 1955-56 he was state
commander of the VFW in North Dakota.
Robert L. Burke was born of pioneer parents, John M. and
Anna Burke, Cavalier, N. Dak., on Sept. 30, 1909. He attended
grade and high school at Cavalier, and obtained a B.A. degree
from the University of North Dakota in 1931. He escaped from
the Depression by obtaining a teaching position at Joliette, N.
Dak., and later at Loma, N. Dak.
He married Madelyn Rene, daughter of Fred and Katherine
Rene, Oct. 6, 1934. Leaving the teaching profession, the Burkes
entered the world of business by purchasing a general store at
Loma. World War II interrupted this occupation when Robert
volunteered in 1942 and served in Africa and Italy in the Infantry.
On his return from World War II, Robert served as a Customs
Inspector at Pembina, N. Dak. He obtained leave of absence
from the position to attend Law School at the University of North
Dakota, attaining his LLD in 1951. He commenced practicing
law in Grafton, N. Dak., in 1951.
Burke has served as president of the Chamber of Commerce
of Grafton, president of the Eagles Lodge, president of the
Grafton Golfers, has been active in Red Cross and the Grafton
School system, helped to found the Carnegie Bookmobile
Madelyn and Robert Burke
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